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Thanks Kevin,

That would be great.  I am probably reading too much into a series of
coincidences, but I have had things happen in the past that have made me
somewhat wary.

I had thought that my work was on track to be an experimental part of the
GNI via the EOL, but when I did not see it anywhere I got concerned. :-\


- Pete

On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 2:06 AM, Kevin Richards <
RichardsK at landcareresearch.co.nz> wrote:

> I, for one, am happy to reference Pete's work, as it it very relevant to
> the LSID-GUID work.  And I would also be keen to see some collaboration
> here.
> However, I'm not sure how much you can claim as your own original ideas,
> Pete, as these topics have been discussed in TDWG for as long as I have been
> involved anyway (5 years ish) - apart from the linked data part, which is a
> fairly recent topic.  (although RDF and semantic technologies have been
> discussed since we started looking at LSIDs, 3-4 years ago)  The TDWG
> community is also a very diverse group of people, all with their own ideas,
> approaches and opinions, so it is hard (and fraught with error) to
> generalise about the behaviour of TDWG members.
> How about a reference to Geospecies in the linked data section?
> Kevin
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> I am concerned that someone will now look at my proposals and say "isn't
> this just a rehash of what was proposed in the TDWG LSID-GUID Document and
> at the 2009 TDWG meeting?"
> When in fact the opposite is true.
> There are parts of this draft that are simply reiterations of what I have
> proposed in several talks and online.
> For example " "The ambiguities inherent in taxon name usage are described
> elsewhere. For example, biodiversity researchers ask whether two specimens
> with different name strings are believed to be of the same taxonomic group.
> The availability of identifiers for name strings, published names and taxon
> concepts...
> http://about.geospecies.org/
> This advantage is best illustrated by an example:
> One biologist may refer to a specimen of the Eastern Tree Hole Mosquito as
> Ochlerotatus triseriatus. Another may refer to that same species as Aedes
> triseriatus. They both agree they are talking about the same species
> concept; however, they are assigning different taxonomic hypotheses to that
> species concept.
> [http://assets.geospecies.org/images/SpeciesConceptURI.png]
> In addition the diagram of linked data basically mirrors what I have had in
> the GeoSpecies Knowledge Base for nearly a year.
> However, it fails to mention GeoSpecies at all.
> I'd recommend that the draft follow scientific standards and acknowledge
> previous work.
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