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Dear Éamonn,

My goal of including the text about my ability to attend the LSID-GUID task
group was simply to address the earlier assertion that the meeting
was open to anyone.

It my understanding that although I was nominated by one of the US reps, I
did not realize until after the fact that I was supposed to send in
my C.V.. So part of this confusion was the result of an error on my part.

You were kind enough to send me the pre-meeting documents which I looked
over. At the time it seemed that the goal of the meeting was
to coordinate and promote the use of LSID's. Also I noted that the document
did mention my work (see below). So I preceded, unconcerned since what was
proposed was only nominally related to what I have been proposing at a
number of talks and email discussions, and it even mentioned my work.

"Among the resources of obvious relevance to biodiversity are DBpedia,
PubMed, geonames, geospecies, and the RDF Book Mashup.

When I saw the draft proposal it appeared as if the goals of the meeting had
changed since the original documents distributed a few weeks before.

What Rod Page was now advocating was almost identical to what I had been
advocating for over the last year. A proposal that I had thought was going
to be incorporated into the GNA. It also mirrored what I had been doing with
the GeoSpecies and TaxonConcept projects, which are mentioned on the TDWG
site as examples of the TDWG vocabulary.

So not only did mention of my work disappear in the next draft revision, Rod
Page appeared to be representing my proposal as his own.

Since this was already positioned to be part of the EOL-GBIF GNA, I can't
see any reason for them to be concerned about turf. As far as I was
concerned there had been several discussions about incorporating my work
into the GNA and that appears to be moving forward.

I can see how one person might be trying to create a paper trail that makes
the proposal look like their own. A pattern which I have seen several times
before and is well documented in the history of science.

I think the whole reason I was nominated for this group was because of my
existing work and proposals so it is strange that there is no mention of it
in the post meeting draft.

Since it was already planned to be incorporated in the GNA, why wouldn't it
have been mentioned?


- Pete

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 2:23 AM, Éamonn Ó Tuama <eotuama at gbif.org> wrote:

>  Dear Peter,
> The call to participate in the LGTG was open to everyone but,
> unfortunately, for reasons already given to you and because of the need to
> limit numbers to create a functional and effective work group, and to be
> able to cover travel costs, the maximum number that could actually
> participate in the workshop was limited. We sought to get the inputs of
> those individuals who expressed interest but were not selected for the core
> task group through comments on drafts of the report and all your emails,
> along with those from others, were shared with the group. There was no
> intent to exclude any significant work – the final report was not meant to
> be an exhaustive literature review of the current state of the field – it
> needed to be kept concise – but I support Kevin’s response (attached) and
> would be happy to see a reference to GeoSpecies in the linked data section.
> I think there will be plenty of opportunities for your contributions as we
> move forward. The plan is to create a web site for the report with facility
> to comment and suggest additional materials. Expansion on some of the
> briefly mentioned use cases in the report is one area, for example, that
> needs amplification.
> Best regards,
> Éamonn
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> I also thought I would also address this statement about the LSID-GUID
> meeting
> > The invitation to the LGTG workshop was open to everyone.
> "Thank you for your expression of interest in participating in the GBIF
> LSID-GUID Task Group. Due to the need to have a mix of skills/experience and
> to try to maintain a geographical spread (difficult), it did not prove
> possible to include you in the core group (North America was
> over-represented in the nominations)"
> I have no animosity toward GBIF for this, I have just become increasingly
> concerned about a growing paper trail that is amazingly similar to my own
> proposals but fails to mention my work.
> It seems strange to me that of all the people involved in TDWG and Linked
> Data discussions over the last year my efforts seem to be being positioned
> as "invisible".
> - Pete
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