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there's a wiki you might find interesting: http://wiki.tdwg.org/twiki/bin/view/
But as far as I know, this is the only mailing list alive for discussions like that...

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Thanks for all your help.
One last question: is there a mailing list for specifically discussing conceptual aspects of Darwin Core, ABCD, etc (I haven't been able to find one) or is Tapir mailing list for that purpose?
T. Bar

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Dear Thomas,

the ABCD schema can handle such unbounded data - but the only TAPIR provider software that supports ABCD (pyWrapper) is not quite bug free. So you'd have to use the BioCASe protcol - which is apparently not your intention.

Cheers from Berlin,

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This is correct... largely it is used for transfer of detailed single
specimen records.

That is not so say you could not define some schema that reuses sections
of DwC or the TDWG vocabularies - you probably would have to get into
custom provider software in that case (although maybe the current tools
would allow for it - Renato could give advice for TAPIRLink on this).



> Thanks a lot for the information.
> I suppose when the record is composed of multiple  specimens  (whose
> number
> is recorded in ObservedIndividualCount) the individual attributes of each
> specimen (age, sex, maturity, etc) cannot be stored.
> Tomas Bar
> On Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 4:14 PM, Tim Robertson < trobertson at gbif.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi T. Bar
>> You might consider the OBIS extensions for Darwin Core since you are
>> concerned with marine stuff.
>> http://iobis.org/obis/obis.xsd
>> SampleSize:  the size of the sample from which the
>> collection/observation was drawn.  It can be a volume (e.g. for a
>> phytoplankton sample), a linear distance (e.g. for a visual transect or
>> net haul), a surface area (e.g. for a benthic core), etc.  This field
>> must also include the units, e.g. 200 mfor a transect, or 0.25 m^2 for a
>> benthic grab (use ^ to denote a superscript).  Note that when multiple
>> collections/observations are reported from the same physical sample, a
>> code identifying the sample can be placed in the Field_Number field to
>> allow all collections/observations from a single sample to be connected.
>> IndividualCount is a count of specimens (e.g. not a count of species).
>> If
>> you want to indicate multiple species, then you would have a record for
>> each
>> along with the identification and the count  of individuals of that
>> species.
>> So in the OBIS schema you have:
>> ObservedIndividualCount: The number of individuals (abundance) found in
>> a collection/record event.
>> Cheers,
>> Tim
>>   On 28 Nov 2008, at 17:05, bar tomas wrote:
>>   Sorry if this question is misplaced in this discussion list, but I
>> haven't been able to find a mailing list on the conceptual aspects of
>> Darwin
>> Core.
>> I am interested to know if there are any recommendations on how to
>> represent abundance in Darwin Core. I have seen some datasets using
>> IndividualCount and SampleSize. For instance, for a fishing survey,
>> would
>> you use IndividualCount for the number of species in a catch, and
>> SampleSize
>> for the distance towed?
>> Thank you very much
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