[tdwg-guid] httpRange-14

Jonathan Rees jar at creativecommons.org
Mon Oct 15 00:01:53 CEST 2007

Comment added to http://wiki.tdwg.org/twiki/bin/view/GUID/ 
LsidHttpProxyUsageRecommendation :  (hope that's OK)

If you are going to do this, I recommend that the http:// 
lsid.tdwg.org/... URIs result in 303 responses from the server. You  
want the LSIDs to denote domain objects, and you want the proxy HTTP  
URIs to denote the same things (that's what owl:sameAs means). But  
according to current semantic web practice, a 200-responding URI  
necessarily denotes the document (actually the "network resource"),  
so your current server behavior is saying something nonsensical, that  
a dog is a document. If you do a 303 See Other to a second URI that  
identifies the document carrying the RDF, then you'll be following  
W3C TAG recommendation httpRange-14 (see http://lists.w3.org/Archives/ 
Public/www-tag/2005Jun/0039.html) and your service will make semantic  
web tools and pedants happier, and no one will confuse a dog with a  
dogpile of RDF. -- Main.JonathanRees - 14 Oct 2007

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