[Tdwg-tag] A very simple question stated again.

Phillip C. Dibner pcd at ecosystem.com
Fri Mar 31 00:43:44 CEST 2006

At risk of sounding like a broken record (there's an anachronism for  

> I understand what we can gain by using semantic tools. I still have  
> not clearly
> understood what we gain by RDF.  What is wrong with simply tagging  
> the schema
> elements with id attributes (or even rdf attributes - schema-schema  
> is defined
> to support attributes from any other namespace) and then have an  
> external
> ontology based on this?
> Gregor----------------------------------------------------------
> Gregor Hagedorn (G.Hagedorn at bba.de)
> Institute for Plant Virology, Microbiology, and Biosafety
> Federal Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry (BBA)
> Königin-Luise-Str. 19           Tel: +49-30-8304-2220
> 14195 Berlin, Germany           Fax: +49-30-8304-2203

... this is essentially the approach taken by GML, and if I  
understand correctly, by ISO 19109.  However, I do not know of tools  
that validate the internal semantic consistency of GML expressions or  
ISO 19109-compliant models.


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