[Tdwg-tag] UML to RDF?

Phillip C. Dibner pcd at ecosystem.com
Fri Mar 31 00:30:18 CEST 2006

Somewhat tangential to Gregor's question, but maybe of interest:

There are tools available to convert ISO 19109-compliant UML models  
to GML, which would address WFS applications that use our models.   
One such can be downloaded from:


... and for information:


I don't know of such tools for RDF, but I suspect they exist now or  
will soon.


On Mar 29, 2006, at 12:33 PM, Gregor Hagedorn wrote:

> Donald wrote:
>> In both cases, I would of course recommend that we model our  
>> objects using a
>> more neutral language such as UML and then generate the encoding  
>> models we
>> actually use.  After that here are the two options I see (not in  
>> any order
>> of priority).
> UML would be absolutely excellent. However do we have tools that  
> support this?
> For SDD we failed to communicate in UML, partly because people  
> wanted example
> documents that looked like the html they got so used to, and partly  
> because at
> some stage the complexity could not be handled by manually  
> synchronizing two
> separate forms of expression. However, tools for UML to w3c schema  
> seem to be
> rather experimental and not well available. Or perhaps we just did  
> not find
> them?
> (Actually, both TCS and UBIF/SDD use w3c schema in a way that  
> corresponds to
> UML static class diagrams (and are built on class definitions). SDD  
> is built
> with the assumption that someone wants to create a 1:1 mapping of  
> JAVA classes,
> including type derivation, extension, and type-polymorphism.  
> However, it is
> clear that w3c-schema is a hodgepodge compromise, and I guess that  
> makes a
> general UML/w3c-schema mapping difficult.
> Is there a good UML editor that exports RDFS/OWL? One that we can  
> use? One that
> we can use in discussions between information scientists and  
> biologists?
> If we can forget about RDF/S and simply use a UML tools for all  
> relevant
> discussions (AND for defining the constraints we consider  
> necessary), and the
> product of this discussion can then automatically be turned into  
> RDF, I would
> *love RDF*. (Some comments about using text-editors to edit RDF,  
> however, point
> me into the opposite direction).
> Perhaps also schema-driven applications can be built, similar to  
> what CASTOR is
> for Java and w3c-xml-schema?
> Then it really does not matter that RDF/S in my view has a much  
> steeper
> learning curve and higher level of abstraction than xml itself -  
> because it is
> software that handles it.
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