[Tdwg-tag] A very simple question stated again.

Roger Hyam roger at tdwg.org
Fri Mar 31 10:56:00 CEST 2006

This 'semantic tagging' is something that may be useful in some 
situations. The two examples I have been thinking about are:

   1. Marking up existing schemas as you suggest. This might make it
      easier to transform between systems but would need investigating.
      We could also map the namespaces of the elements in instance
      documents and do it that way.
   2. Marking up regular text in taxonomic literature could be done by
      extending XHTML. We could simply extend <span> and <div> tags to
      have a tdwg="" attribute that contains the URI or URN of the core
      class of thing between the tags. Regular browsers and text
      processors would ignore the additional attribute but could be
      extended to handle it. Simple applications could be written in
      JavaScript to extend browser functionality to give term expansion,
      associated searching etc. Data could be extracted with XSLT etc...
      Some clever person might even extend DreamWeaver or another editor
      to support authoring of the tagging but regular taxonomists who
      are using word processors at the moment. (This is a fantasy
      example and not a concrete suggestion of doing it this way!)

I think the point is that most of these technologies overlap and we are 
probably not talking using 100% of anything in a solution model.

All the best,


Phillip C. Dibner wrote:
> At risk of sounding like a broken record (there's an anachronism for  
> you),
>> I understand what we can gain by using semantic tools. I still have  
>> not clearly
>> understood what we gain by RDF.  What is wrong with simply tagging  
>> the schema
>> elements with id attributes (or even rdf attributes - schema-schema  
>> is defined
>> to support attributes from any other namespace) and then have an  
>> external
>> ontology based on this?
>> Gregor----------------------------------------------------------
>> Gregor Hagedorn (G.Hagedorn at bba.de)
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>> Federal Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry (BBA)
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>> 14195 Berlin, Germany           Fax: +49-30-8304-2203
> ... this is essentially the approach taken by GML, and if I  
> understand correctly, by ISO 19109.  However, I do not know of tools  
> that validate the internal semantic consistency of GML expressions or  
> ISO 19109-compliant models.
> Flip
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