[tdwg-tapir] OGC standards and TAPIR

Javier de la Torre jatorre at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 16:39:08 CET 2005

Dear all,

I am still sending emails with these guys working with OGC standards  
and some times I have difficulties to explain why we are not using  
WFS for sharing our data. I check at the report from Renato and  
Markus and did not find explicit reasons, but I will try to put mines  
and please let me know if you find other reasons why do you think WFS  
is not the way to go... For sure I do not mean WFS as it is right  
now, but extending WFS to meet our needs.

-OGC is a big consortium and it would be difficult to get our needs  
inserted in the standards. So if no one is going to worry about how  
we extend why should we worry about  following them.

-With WFS we would have to adapt our schemas to GML application  
schemas (that is substitution groups and we have to extend  
AbstractFeautureType). We would not like to have to change our  
standards described in XML schemas.

-Standards like SDD can not make use of GML, mainly because WFS is a  
service for retrieving features of one single thing and not the  
relations between them.

Do you agree with that or you want to add more reasons?



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