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Donald Hobern dhobern at gbif.org
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My quick answers.  I don't think we need parameterisable inventories as
such, but it would be nice just to have a quick (GET) form for retrieving a
scan result for a single concept (or I suppose a comma-separated series of
concepts).  I think that adding this for inventory/scan ought to be pretty
simple and it certainly would be a valuable part of a complete TaxonAPI to
be able to start by asking "What taxon names do you include?".

I'd be quite happy for us to declare services simply as Lite or Full,
provided we can make sure we agree on what Lite includes.


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as we were planning to freeze the tapir development by the end of the year,
we would need to hurry a bit. I lost a little bit track of the open issues.
So I would like to ask everyone to bring up the issues he still remembers to
be solved.

>>>From what I remember, the discussion was not closed on:

- parameterised inventories. Do we need them, how should they look?
- flexible capabilities. Do we allow services to implement a custom subset
of TAPIR, or is it better to declare services either as Lite or Full?


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