[Tdwg-phylo] Publishing a trees in RDF

Arlin Stoltzfus arlin at umd.edu
Fri Oct 22 19:06:06 CEST 2010

This discussion doesn't really belong here, but I'm not sure where  
else it belongs, and I sure would hate to stop, because its  
interesting and valuable.

Hilmar, are you referring to various quick-and-dirty BioPerl modules,  
for instance, as cases in which software that ended up being reusable  
started out as part of a reusable software package?  Are there other  
kinds of contexts where this would work?  How could we get different  
developers working on the same architecture, building a shared  
foundation but creating different solutions from it?

One idea used in nexplorer3 (and in some other viewers) is a Model- 
View-Controller design pattern that separates the business logic from  
the user interface.

It seems to me that ATV has been pretty successful. I've seen half a  
dozen sites that use it (that's a success by my standards).


On Oct 22, 2010, at 12:38 PM, Hilmar Lapp wrote:

> On Oct 22, 2010, at 12:22 PM, William Piel wrote:
>> We need to be okay with seeing a rich plethora of quick-and-dirty
>> efforts, each focusing on articulating/investigating sets of novel
>> ideas -- despite some obvious redundancy in some of the more general
>> functions.  And then periodically, someone's got to assemble the
>> best of these ideas into a robust, jack-of-all-trades, off-the-shelf
>> software package.
> That sounds nice indeed, but frankly I've never seen it happen. The
> quick-and-dirty efforts that I have seen become standard parts of
> reusable and sustainable software have almost all started from their
> early beginnings as parts of reusable software. For a while rather
> experimental and unstable parts, obviously, but the future course was
> charted not as an afterthought.
> Truth of the matter is that we're all scientists. No scientist is
> interested in, or gets promotion, scientific recognition, or
> publications from assembling entirely incompatible, mostly redundant
> except for a few features, quick-and-dirty pieces of software into
> some grand jack-of-all-trades software package.
> My $0.02, from about 13 years of software engineering.
> 	-hilmar
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