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I'm going to hop in here, with a glance toward Richard Pyle and Chris
Freeland, to see if they want to disagree with me [ :) ]...

I think it's safe to say that some of us are starting to think about
that. The attached figure is from: "Patterson, D.J., J. Cooper, P.M.
Kirk, R.L. Pyle, and D.P. Remsen (2010) Names are key to the big new
biology. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 25(12): 686–691." In the
diagram of the GNA/GNI/GNUB architecture, you can see one vertical
path for names going from "Classifications & Lists" > Names index >
Name/Taxon reconciliation > Usage bank.

In parallel, on the right side, is the analogous flow of bibliographic
metadata. Right now, a lot more concerted thinking has been put into
the left side (the names part) than the right side (the bibliographic
citation part). But it's clear both have to happen. The names, of
course, come from that cited literature -- they aren't just born
floating around in the cloud!

Sometime Real Soon Now we're hoping to start defining the use cases,
needs, and requirements for that citation (and full-text paper)
treatment in a GNA/GNI/GNUB context. Definitely involved will be
wrestling with the concept that the bibliographic data for a taxonomic
work may well be deserving of a GUID in a way comparable to (but
possibly more complex) the need for a GUID (or DOI or somesuch) for a
published work itself.

Dean Pentcheff
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On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 5:47 PM, Steve Baskauf
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> I was reviewing some of the previous posts on taxon name usages in an
> attempt to understand them better.  I have learned that the Global Names
> Index is an attempt to catalog taxon names and that it is possible to
> generate a URI that points to a name there.  Is there a parallel effort
> to do the same thing for literature references?  In other words, if I
> want to describe the TNU:
> Andropogon virginicus L. sec. Radford et al. (1968)
> I think I could find a URI GUID for the name Andropogon virginicus .
> But is there some place where I could find a unique identifier, or
> better a URL, or best a URI providing RDF/XML for Linnaeus 1753 (the
> author and publication for the name) and for Radford et al.1968 (the
> author and publication that expresses the usage I'm intending).
> I suppose that this question has previously been answered in the in the
> many posts on taxon names, concepts, etc.  However, since usually my
> brain goes numb and my eyes glaze over in those threads, I probably
> missed it.
> Steve
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