[tdwg-content] GUIDs for publications (usages and names)

Steve Baskauf steve.baskauf at vanderbilt.edu
Tue Jan 4 02:47:17 CET 2011

I was reviewing some of the previous posts on taxon name usages in an 
attempt to understand them better.  I have learned that the Global Names 
Index is an attempt to catalog taxon names and that it is possible to 
generate a URI that points to a name there.  Is there a parallel effort 
to do the same thing for literature references?  In other words, if I 
want to describe the TNU:
Andropogon virginicus L. sec. Radford et al. (1968)
I think I could find a URI GUID for the name Andropogon virginicus .  
But is there some place where I could find a unique identifier, or 
better a URL, or best a URI providing RDF/XML for Linnaeus 1753 (the 
author and publication for the name) and for Radford et al.1968 (the 
author and publication that expresses the usage I'm intending). 

I suppose that this question has previously been answered in the in the 
many posts on taxon names, concepts, etc.  However, since usually my 
brain goes numb and my eyes glaze over in those threads, I probably 
missed it. 


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