[tdwg-ncd] RE: NCD - GBIF Proposal

Neil Thomson N.Thomson at nhm.ac.uk
Fri Nov 10 12:26:12 CET 2006

Hi Larry,

Here, as requested, is the first draft of the bid proposal to develop
the NCD toolkit based on the NLBIF implementation of NCD, for your use
as a placeholder.

I am also copying it to the NCD list so that members may comment and
help to flesh it out for a final submission before the end of November.

Please let me know if there is anything else that you need at this

With thanks,

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Can you forward a summary or outline of the NCD-GBIF proposal and a
draft budget this week or early next? It does not have to be finalized
but it will give me something to put in as a place holder on the end of
year budget discussions. I am concerned that if I do not have something
in place it may be over looked.


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