SDD standard - purpose

Bob Allkin ba at ELOGICA.COM.BR
Tue Jul 18 23:54:36 CEST 2000

thanks for starting up this list again.  Since I joined its been deathly

It makes sense to me to step back from structure initially.  I missed the
discussions that occured before the silence and wonder if we can go one step
further back.  Is there somewhere a clear definition of purpose?
- who will use this,
- to store what types of information and
- for what kinds of description (for identification as with DELTA) for
cladistics, for publishing to other audiences
- to do what (for exchanging data between different databases, as a public
format upon which independent applications will run).

I'd appreciate it if someone could point me at a summary of your previous
deliberations on this.

many thanks and best wishes

Bob Allkin,
Centro Nordestino de Informações sobre Plantas
SIDT/PNE,  Dep. Botânica, CCB,
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco,
Recife, PE, Brazil  CEP 50.670-420

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