Bibliographic Standards

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Arthur --

Many thanks for the links!  Interesting, and timely.  I've quickly looked
over Miller (2004), and much of it resonates well with the data management
challenges I face daily.  What struck me is that the ten "Xobian Principal
Elements" encompass almost all my data management primary objects very
effectively (not just bibliographic). E.g.:

CONCEPT (taxon concepts, keywords, etc.)
STRING (taxon names, vernacular names, catalog numbers, comments, excerpts,
LANGUAGE (traditional human languages, and possibly Codes of nomenclature)
ORGANIZATION/BEING (two major subtypes of Agents)
EVENT (Collecting events, curation events, specimen transaction events,
TIME (self-evident)
PLACE (self-evident)
OBJECT (specimens & observed organisms)
WORK (Publications, unpublished documentation, images, etc.)

I will give these resources more careful consideration when I have more

Again, many thanks for forwarding these links.


P.S. Apologies for the cross-post; but this has some relevance to recent
discussions on the LC/TCS list.

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> Subject: Bibliographic Standards
> Hi all
> As part of the project I am doing for the FAO at the moment, I
> have had to look at Bibliographic
> software and bibliographic standards.
> During that process, I was made aware of a some interesting
> papers that those working on
> Bibliographic standards for TDWG may be interested in.
> The first is about XOBIS which is an XML Schema intermediate
> between the complexity of MARC and
> the simplicity of Dublin Core.  It may be worth considering.  It
> was recommendd to me by Beth
> Weil, the librarian at Berkeley.
> 1. Miller, Dick R. (2004). XOBIS - an Experimental Schema for
> Unifying Bibliographic and
> Authority Records.
> <>
> 2. There is a SourceForge site that you are probably aware of,
> but it lists most of the
> Standards and Schemas
> <>
> 3. Caplin, P. (2003) Metadata fundamentals for all librarians.
> American Libraries Association
> 4.Miller, Dick R., and Kevin S. Clarke. 2003. Putting XML to Work
> in the Library, American
> Library Association
> 5. A bibliography recommended by Dick Miller
> <>
> regards
> Arthur
> Arthur D. Chapman
> Australian Biodiversity Information Services
> Toowomba
> Australia

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