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Hi all

As part of the project I am doing for the FAO at the moment, I have had to look at Bibliographic
software and bibliographic standards.

During that process, I was made aware of a some interesting papers that those working on
Bibliographic standards for TDWG may be interested in.

The first is about XOBIS which is an XML Schema intermediate between the complexity of MARC and
the simplicity of Dublin Core.  It may be worth considering.  It was recommendd to me by Beth
Weil, the librarian at Berkeley.

1. Miller, Dick R. (2004). XOBIS - an Experimental Schema for Unifying Bibliographic and
Authority Records. <>

2. There is a SourceForge site that you are probably aware of, but it lists most of the
Standards and Schemas

3. Caplin, P. (2003) Metadata fundamentals for all librarians. American Libraries Association

4.Miller, Dick R., and Kevin S. Clarke. 2003. Putting XML to Work in the Library, American
Library Association

5. A bibliography recommended by Dick Miller



Arthur D. Chapman
Australian Biodiversity Information Services

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