TDWG 2004 (New Zealand, 11-18 October)

Adrian Rissone A.Rissone at NHM.AC.UK
Tue May 11 07:58:46 CEST 2004

Members and others interested in attending the TDWG 2004 Annual Meeting in
New Zealand are encouraged to pre-Register by sending e-mail to the
Programme Co-ordinator at:

  "A.Rissone at 2004 Pre-Registration"

Pre-Registration helps us to plan the meeting. It does not commit you to
attend. Please give an indication of:

- which subjects / Subgroups you will me most interested in
- whether you are interested in joining in a "field trip" on the 10 October
- the dates you are likely to attend.

If you are pre-Registering on behalf of an organisation or multiple
delegates please give full details (e-mail address, interests, likely
dates) for each potential delegate.

A full Registration site will be established in due course, similar to that
used for TDWG 2003 in Portugal.

Thanks for your input.


Adrian Rissone
TDWG 2004 Programme Co-ordinator

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