TDWG 2004 (New Zealand) - International air travel discount offer

Adrian Rissone A.Rissone at NHM.AC.UK
Tue May 11 07:44:41 CEST 2004

Discounted international air travel to New Zealand has been negotiated with
British Airways (and through them the oneworld alliance) for the benefit of
all delegates, guests, TDWG officials, and relatives or friends travelling
with them.

To see if this offer will work for you please visit the TDWG 2004 Meeting
web site at:

and look at the Travel page. Please take careful note of the restrictions
listed on that page.

To take advantage of the offer you will require a deal code which must be
quoted in all communications with British Airways. This code is available
by e-mail from the TDWG 2004 Meeting Programme Co-ordinator at:

  "A.Rissone at 2004 BA Offer"

Please note that travel arrangements are the sole responsibility of
delegates and guests. The British Airways offer is independent of the TDWG
and TDWG accepts no responsibility for any matter arising from any use
delegates or other person or organisation may make of it.


Adrian Rissone
TDWG 2004 Meeting Programme Coordinator

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