Plans for TDWG 2001 meeting continue

Dr. Helmut Knuepffer knupffer at IPK-GATERSLEBEN.DE
Mon Oct 1 11:57:39 CEST 2001

Dear Georgina, dear Karen,

this is to inform you (again) that my colleague Dr. Joerg Ochsmann (who is
on vacations until October 3) will attend the meeting(s) in Australia. He
would like to make a contribution to the Economic Botany Standard
TDWG-subgroup, and give an oral presentation to the TDWG meeting. He will
approach you upon return from vacations.

Please consider his participation in the meetings.

With best regards, yours,

Helmut Knuepffer

At 10:23 01.10.01 +0100, Georgina MacKenzie wrote:
>Plans for the 2001 TDWG meeting on Sydney continue to be made, although
>some of the associated meetings have been postponed. Some details from
>Karen Wilson, the local organiser follow:
>We have had to change some of our plans for the Biodiversity Knowledge
>Management Forum here in Sydney in early November, unfortunately, because
>of the recent horrific events elsewhere. The Catalogue of Life workshop
>and Species 2000 meetings have been postponed, tentatively to early March
>2002, in the week before the GBIF meetings in Canberra. However, support
>has been strong for us to continue with other parts of the BioForum in
>November, so we are doing that (subject, of course, to no further hostile
>activities). As well as the planned TDWG conference and IOPI, etc.
>meetings, we are also now planning a 1-day regional workshop tentatively
>entitled 'Bioinformatics and the GTI in Asia-Oceania' as partial
>replacement for the CofL workshop, on 8th November.  Details of the
>changes are on the BioForum website at
>Email Karen Wilson or relevant conveners of meetings if you want further
>information. Those planning to take part in the various activities, could
>you please return the appropriate registration form soon so that we have
>an indication of numbers for catering, field trips, etc.
>Karen Wilson
>Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
>Mrs Macquaries Road
>Phone: +61-2-9231 8137
>Fax: +61-2-9251 7231
>Email: karen.wilson at
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