[tdwg-tag] Audubon Core namespace

Gail E. Kampmeier gkamp at illinois.edu
Sat Nov 27 20:08:57 CET 2010

For what it's worth, I like abnc, and the only competition in a top Google search is abnc.org, for the 
Armand Bayou Nature Center, which is biodiversity-related at least.  As for remembering it, the letter "n" is 
often used as a contraction for the word "and" in English, so abnc is essentially the first three letters of the 
alphabet, with an "and" thrown in, so not really hard to remember, if not so much associated with Audubon 
until you get there.  I would not like to lose the "c" for Core because of its heritage from the Dublin and 
Darwin Cores.

My 2 cents, 

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>Subject: [tdwg-tag] Audubon Core namespace  
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>Let's settle this. I think http://abnc.tdwg.org works and is easy to
>associate with Audubon Core. In my opinion:
>- ac is too short and not evocative
>- adbc has too much baggage in the U.S.  because of the NSF
>digitization effort
>- adbnc is too long, though a close second for me
>- audc is possible but more evocative of audio than audubon
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