[tdwg-tag] class design, generalization, L(O)D

Blum, Stan SBlum at calacademy.org
Tue Nov 16 00:08:15 CET 2010

We have done a fair amount of due diligence in recent years to stay abreast
of the wider informatics community.  We still have an MOA with OGC.  We were
even members of OASIS for a year.  The whole LSID "thing" was an attempt to
follow the lead of the bio(=molecular)informatics community.  So I don't
accept that we are self-contained, sitting awkwardly (narcissistic), within
the wider informatics community.

With appropriate cautions duly noted (re Bob Morris, Jonathan Rees, Matt
Jones [a few years ago]), we ARE moving in this direction (semantic web,
RDF, etc.), and have been since about 2006.   ... Just not very fast :-|


On 11/15/10 2:33 PM, "Jim Croft" <jim.croft at gmail.com> wrote:

> But the criticism of TDWG sitting a bit awkwardly and self-contained
> in the wider standards framework is a valid one and something we are
> working to address.  I have always assumed this is one of the guiding
> principles of TDWG.
> I prefer the analogy of motivating jelly tpo to stay nailed to the wall.  :)
> jim

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