[tdwg-tag] SourceForge LSID project websites broken - role for TDWG?

Garry.Jolley-Rogers at csiro.au Garry.Jolley-Rogers at csiro.au
Thu Mar 19 23:14:55 CET 2009

 Hi Hilmar,
	Struggling with exactly these issues as I implement LSID's here.

It is a concern (especially given the underlying principles of permanence embodied in LSIDS) that the LSID project itself lacks resilience.  Code can still be obtained tho' the documentation I can find is out of date and dependencies may be too.  I'll know very soon - by the end of today.   Like many things out there.. It seems to be withering now that the initial enthusiasm has died. While the collections community may think in centuries, permanence in LSIDS seems to mean a few years. Perhaps my google-fu has failed me.. If so  please tell me.

My questions.... Is there sufficient interest and community involvement to keep it alive .... Even it is no more than an update documentation & co.   Perhaps it should be brought into the TDWG fold?   Any comments?  Happy to contribute what I can.


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The websites for the two LSID projects on SourceForge are broken:


I believe the latter project is defunct (can someone confirm this?)  
but the first should be alive, right (and this URL is in fact linked  
to on the TDWG website).

Does anyone know what's going on?


: Hilmar Lapp  -:-  Durham, NC  -:- hlapp at duke dot edu :

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