[tdwg-tag] SourceForge LSID project websites broken - role forTDWG?

Paul Kirk p.kirk at cabi.org
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In fungi we have MycoBank and citing MB510023 (for Quambalaria coyrecup
T. Paap 2008, for humans to read) and having a true GUID (not yet
implemented) or LSID (implemented:
'underneath' is closer to the GenBank model which everyone accepts.


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I agree with Roger about the technical side. LSIDs are largely for
insiders with good IT support, preferably building their software
themselves. In a way, there is a social business model associated with
LSIDs: keep it a small and thus perhaps better manageable community.
However this comes at the cost of excluding many initiatives, especially
those relying on unmodified or only slightly modified standard software.

>>>From biologists-social standpoint I would argue that:


is far harder than this:


which, socially, and for people who might want to cite identifiers in
paper or PDF form, is harder than this:


I just try argue to speak to the communities outside of the inner
technological circle, rather than saving a few characters.

These people may also be the managers, making it clear that this class
of URLs need to be managed over longer time periods.

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