[tdwg-tapir] "partial" and "omit-ns" parameters

Tim Robertson trobertson at gbif.org
Mon Jan 19 16:00:31 CET 2009

Hi Renato,

Congratulations with all your work.

> I can see two solutions for this: 1) Specify that the "partial"  
> parameter
> only needs to be supported by TAPIR Full, which will make the  
> parameter
> specification more intricate. 2) Remove the "partial" parameter from  
> the
> protocol.

Since there appears no strong demand, I would be in favor of it removed.
For TAPIR Intermediate, a possible work around solution could be 2  
access points each with differing output models, one being a subset of  
the other?

> Markus is also suggesting to remove the "omit-ns" parameter from the
> protocol. "omit-ns" is used to indicate that search responses should  
> not
> include any namespaces at all. If this is not being used by any  
> network or
> client, I also don't mind removing it.

I personally have never had a need to use it.  Most XML clients I use  
have a "namespaceAware" parameter anyway.

> Please let me know if you have any feelings about this.

Well done again Renato


> Best Regards,
> --
> Renato
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