[tdwg-tag] Where to put LSIDs on tdwg ontology objects

Richardson, Ben Ben.Richardson at dec.wa.gov.au
Mon Oct 6 04:10:34 CEST 2008

Doesn't TaxonConcept allow:

<tc:TaxonConcept rdf:about="urn:lsid:biocsi.ohio-state.edu:osuc_concepts:143647">



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> Subject: [tdwg-tag] Where to put LSIDs on tdwg ontology objects
> In our GBIF/EOL/Plazi SPM project, Terry Catapano and I have formed
> the conclusion (I hope wrong...) that there is not any place on
> several lsidvoc objects to hang an lsid (or any other GUID) asserted
> to identify that object. For example, we don't see any place to put
> one on a TaxonConcept or on a PublicationCitation. In the October 1
> example at
>  http://wiki.tdwg.org/twiki/bin/view/SPM/PlaziEOLProject we have a
> placeholder hack using
>  <tc:TaxonConcept rdf:ID="_tc2">
>         <tc:nameString xml:lang="en">Dodous bispinosus</tc:nameString>
>          <tc:hasInformation
> rdf:resource="urn:lsid:biosci.ohio-state.edu:osuc_concepts:143647"/>
>          ...
>   </tc:TaxonConcept>
> but this is not valid in the tdwg ontology because hasInformation
> requires an InfoItem as its object.
> We use other objects that face this problem, e.g. TaxonName, and I
> guess it is quite a broad issue (or not an issue at all if we are
> wrong).
> Can someone recommend a valid way to address this, either for these
> three objects,  or preferably, in general? If so, thanks in advance.
> If we are right, how about adding an InfoItem class named GUID, that
> includes an enumeration of the usual suspects, suitably typed.
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