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Hi Richard

I suppose that is the drawback of the LSID decentralised approach. Ricardo
(and probably Kevin) will know of most, but very unlikely to be all. Maybe
we should setup a simple registration record on the TDWG site. We could then
send out an annual email far and wide to get updates. Meanwhile, we could
just have a static list from the GUID pages (called lsidauthorites)?



Lee Belbin
TDWG Secretariat

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Is there a (mostly) complete listing of active LSID Authorities?  The LSID
website includes these:

International Plant Names Index (IPNI) Authority
UBio Authority
Index Fungorum Authority
University of Wisconsin CFL

...and I can add to that the ZooBank Authority and the Bishop Museum Natural
Sciences Authority; but I am sure there are more active LSID Authorities
than these (e.g., Landcare NZ).

Is there a complete listing available somewhere?


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