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Kevin Richards RichardsK at landcareresearch.co.nz
Sun Feb 17 22:04:15 CET 2008

This was part of my concern that I mentioned a few months ago about the current status of LSID resolvers that we have set up in the TDWG community.

Perhaps we need a task for the GUID/TAG interest group to have completed the list of these relevant LSID authorities and have them on the Wiki by the next meeting?
We should at least attempt to get the resolvers that we are "responsible" for ourseleves, on the wiki.  
And an agenda item at the TAG subroup meeting, if there is going to be one? Roger?


>>> "Lee Belbin" <leebel at netspace.net.au> 16/02/2008 6:05 p.m. >>>

Hi Richard

I suppose that is the drawback of the LSID decentralised approach. Ricardo
(and probably Kevin) will know of most, but very unlikely to be all. Maybe
we should setup a simple registration record on the TDWG site. We could then
send out an annual email far and wide to get updates. Meanwhile, we could
just have a static list from the GUID pages (called lsidauthorites)?



Lee Belbin
TDWG Secretariat

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Is there a (mostly) complete listing of active LSID Authorities?  The LSID
website includes these:

International Plant Names Index (IPNI) Authority
UBio Authority
Index Fungorum Authority
University of Wisconsin CFL

...and I can add to that the ZooBank Authority and the Bishop Museum Natural
Sciences Authority; but I am sure there are more active LSID Authorities
than these (e.g., Landcare NZ).

Is there a complete listing available somewhere?


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