[tdwg-guid] TDWG LSID Resolver broken?

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Thu Nov 29 20:19:00 CET 2007

Many thanks, Rod!

> 1. The dates in the TaxonName:publication section are a bit 
> of a mess (one date lacks a year, and "11/26/1998 12:00:00 
> AM" is not an ISO standard date, it is also open to ambiguity 
> given that the US writes month/day/year whereas Europeans 
> write day/month/year). I think YYYY-MM-DD is the way to go to 
> avoid major headaches. I've blogged about the mess DiGIR 
> providers have created by not using ISO standard dates.

DAMN!  I thought I fixed that a long time ago -- maybe not (actually, I did
a restore a while ago, and I thought I corrected everything, but maybe I
missed the dates).  In any case, I'll have that fixed as soon as I get to
work in an hour or so.  Thanks for catching it!

> 2. There's no journal name or ISSN so we don't know where 
> this was published. I guess one could get this via the parent 
> citation resource, but if you have all the other metadata 
> included in the RDF, why not the journal?

That's a question for Kevin Richards, mostly.  I guess a more general
question is: how do we / should we automaticlly recurse up the
"parentCitation" chain?  My thinking is "yes", but I'm not completely sure
how to represent that (nested?).  I suppose I could flatten it out in the
"parentCitationString" (which I only just now realized I havn't done yet --
must have been on a "todo" list that disappeared).  But I wonder if there
shouldn't be a more structured way of doing this for refs with n-number of

> 3. The article in question has a DOI, hence it would be nice 
> to link to that (doi:10.1007/BF02725185). I know you're 
> working towards this, but without an external GUID for the 
> publication I think nomenclators will be of limited use.

Agreed -- and yes, I am headed that way -- just limited to 24hrs/day right
now -- only 22hrs/day, when you subtract sleep.... :-)
Anyway, many thanks....

Also: something I thought you would comment on, and what I've been meaning
to ask this list:  How to deal with HTML tags within data values?  Note that
the title: "<i>Belonoperca pylei</i>, a new species of seabass
(Teleostei: Serranidae: Epinephelinae: Diploprionini) from the Cook Islands
with comments on relationships among diploprionins"

I markup the original data field with "...<i>...</i>..." tags to denote
italics, but I'm not sure what to do with those tags when piping out
metadata in RDF.  I could strip them easily enough --- but should I?

Thoughts/comments welcome....


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