[tdwg-tapir] tapir clients?

Wouter Addink wouter at eti.uva.nl
Tue Mar 6 12:14:13 CET 2007

ETI will do some implementations in the coming months for TCS and NCD that are part server, part client.

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  I will be working on a Microsoft .NET server implementation of TAPIR.  
  Also, how LSID resolution fits in with TAPIR providers.  And looking at hooking up different data sources (other than DBs) at the TAPIR server end.

  I will put more details on the TAPIR web site when things are more definite and I get the chance.

  Kevin Richards

  >>> Dave Vieglais <vieglais at ku.edu> 28/02/2007 11:52:06 a.m. >>>

  Hi Tapirologists,

  There's the PyWrapper and TapirLink for the server side of the  
  protocol, but I was wondering if:

  a) there's other server implementations
  b) what client implementations are out there

  It might be worthwhile starting a "Software" page on the wiki to  
  provide pointers to the various projects implementing TAPIR.

     Dave V.
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