[tdwg-tapir] error in tapir specification

Wouter Addink wouter at eti.uva.nl
Tue Jul 17 10:33:57 CEST 2007

I think there is an error in the KVP Inventory examples in the Tapir specification doc.

Examples like 
http://example.net/tapir.cgi?op=inventory&concept=http://example.net/schema1/Country& concept=http://example.net/schema1/Genus 

cannot be implemented I think, because concept will not be treated as an array here and only the last concept would be returned.

this would work:

http://example.net/tapir.cgi?op=inventory&concept[]=http://example.net/schema1/Country& concept[]=http://example.net/schema1/Genus 


Wouter Addink

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