[tdwg-guid] Immutability of LSID data

Hannu Saarenmaa hannu at bioshare.com
Tue Jul 17 11:37:11 CEST 2007

Indeed, I think we need to look closer at handling of the 6th, optional 
element in the LSID spec, revision.

If the XML stream returned as data needs to change, that would lead to 
issuing a new revision. It is not said clearly that getData should 
return data from the latest revision (if omitted), although I'd expect 
that. In other words, if the revision has changed, the data returned 
does not have to be the same, although it might look like that it has 
illegally changed if you omit the revision.

But I must say that I like receiving immutable getData. For instance, if 
I use an LSID to identify a taxonomic concept, I expect the description 
not to change without notice. Someone many add a new more elaborate 
revision, though, which is ok.

Regards, Hannu


Rich wrote (in the other thread):
I believe the answer to Ricardo's example is better addressed in the next
discussion, concerning methods for data versioning. I think the answer to
this issue (persistence of metadata) necessarily must be solved via that
discussion (versioning), so maybe we should discuss the versioning issue

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