[tdwg-guid] Embedding LSID links within Publications

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Mon Dec 3 12:07:24 CET 2007

> I think, there are two issues. There are two versions of the 
> publications, the underlying xml and the pdf/hard copy.

I'm only talking about the PDF/hard copy now (in this thread).  The XML
version is another issue.

> 1. What we need is an xml version of the document which 
> includes all the lsids, etc. For a name, that would look like


> This needs to be the original document.

In the long run, yes.  For this publication, no.  We are stuck with existing
ICZN rules, in which case the paper copy is the only one that matters.
Because it is Zootaxa, we will also have a PDF version, which many/most
people will read.  We want this document to have many clickable links
embedded in it.  Then there will also be XML versions (TaxonX, taXMLit, SDD)
-- but those are another topic.

> 2. Then you need an XSLT which transforms it into whathever 
> style and layout you want, such as pdf, or what journal style 
> it has to be.

Again, yes -- this is what we want in the long run, and maybe can even
demonstrate this time with the TaxonX version (for example).  But right now
I am focused on the PDF version, which most people are likely to read when
it is published in January.

> If we are serious about access to the content of 
> publications, we need focus on the xml version rather then pdf.

Yes, I certainly agree -- which is why the XML version needs to be there as
well.  But we also need the PDF version, because this is what most people
will download from the Zootaxa site, and will be an electronic version on
the paper copy.  We'll sort out the TaxonX markup and style sheets also --
but that's another conversation.  Right now I want to get the PDF document
formatted properly.


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