[tdwg-tag] Potential rigorous frameworks for TAG

Bob Morris ram at cs.umb.edu
Sun Sep 3 20:30:19 CEST 2006

Preparing the syllabus for my graduate software engineering course, I 
stumbled on
which leads eventually to the recently adopted OMG Ontology Definition 
Metamodel (ODM)

In Model Directed Architecture, a Metamodel constrains how you can model 
your problems. Metamodels are always implicitly or explicitly behind any 
modeling tools. Explicit is better, because then the tools can analyze 
your conformance to the model. The eclipse modeling framework (EMF) 
supports this, so that tools like the IBM Rational Software Modeling 
and Rational Software Architect eclipse packages can implement it. 
Probably so do other modeling tools.

In the detailed TOC of the above PDF, one will find every single topic 
around which the TAG discussions have swirled, and more.

I'm sure that everyone on this list shares my excitement in finding that 
there is potentially a rigorous framework for the tag ontology efforts 
and will drop everything else to absorb this 338 page specification 
before coming to St. Louis, at which the program should be revised to 
comprise nothing else but its discussion for the entire week. Hah, hah, 
just serious.


Robert A. Morris
Professor of Computer Science
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