[tdwg-tag] literal enumerated values in TCS-RDF

Gregor Hagedorn G.Hagedorn at BBA.DE
Mon Oct 2 15:38:07 CEST 2006

Steve writes:
>>>> However, using XML namespace prefixes in resource references inside
>>>> RDF/XML documents tends to cause problems because not all RDF/XML
>>>> parsers are smart enough to dereference the namespace prefix and  
>>>> build a fully-qualified resource URI.  A safer form of the above would be  

>>>> the fully qualified resource URI which looks like:
>>>> <tn:nomenclaturalCode  
>>>> rdf:resource="http://tdwg.org/2006/03/12/TaxonNames/botanical" />

It seems the discussion confuses QNames ("namespace-colon") and XML-Entities 
(ampersand-semicolon) - or am I confused???

An attempt to clarify: From my understanding, xml itself has no such thing as a 
namespace-colon in literals - xml-schema has introduced it as a convenient 
thing (QName). However, the use of xml-entities is a requirement of xml 1.0 
itself. I agree with Rod that URIs are correct way for RDF:


and under no circumstances (even with RDF-xml-Schema) can we use


because RDF does not use QNames. However, we can use (if abbreviation is an 
issue, and providing an entity definition for it, as the protege examples do.)


If RDF-parsers fail to deal with the latter, they are grossly non-interoperable 
with xml as a whole.

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