[Tdwg-guid] resolving deleted records [ Scanned for viruses ]

Paul Kirk p.kirk at cabi.org
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It is usually mostly blank in most cases (except the name, perhaps an
author, the PK, the parentFK) but I may leave a comment in the internal
notes field with some explanation to help those who follow. Of course,
what constitutes the 'record' will depend on the database schema for
which IF is closer to the data warehouse model rather than a fully
normalized model.


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So is everybody happy with the following:

if a record is deleted then dc:isReplacedBy is set to the LSID of the 
record that replaces it. If it isn't replaced by anything, it's just 
deleted because it was entered in error, then isReplacedBy is set to 
its own LSID

Paul do you blank out the rest of the record?

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