[tdwg-tapir] Tapir SVN reaches TDWG

"Döring, Markus" m.doering at BGBM.org
Fri Nov 17 11:47:39 CET 2006

Hello all,

in our attempt to migrate all TAPIR resources to TDWG, we have frozen the current tapir subversion repository in berlin and moved it to tdwg, preserving all its history. Big thanks to Ricardo!

As you might know, the subversion system in tdwg is used for the rs.tdwg.org domain.
The latest HEAD version of the SVN is always shown under http://rs.tdwg.org/tapir, which is our namespace too.

The tdwg SVN is accessible through https https://rs.tdwg.org/tapir, but you will need a TDWG account to do so.
In case you want write access to the svn, please announce so on this list. We are currently creating new logins for all existing users of the berlin tapir svn and inform them individually.

The old tapir svn in berlin is frozen and will be removed completely after some time once the new repository is well established. It can still be accessed at http://ww2.biocase.org/svn/tapir/ 

We also hope to move the tapir wiki pretty soon too. 
The new wiki can then be reached at http://wiki.tdwg.org/TAPIR


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