Call for Participation: LSID Working Groups

Ricardo Scachetti Pereira ricardo at TDWG.ORG
Tue Mar 7 08:53:10 CET 2006

TDWG/GBIF Call for Participation:
Life Sciences Identifiers (LSID) Working Groups


The First Workshop on Globally Unique Identifiers for Biodiversity
Informatics (GUID-1) was held last month at NESCent ( in
Durham, North Carolina, USA. The workshop was organized by the Taxonomic
Databases Working Group ( and the Global
Biodiversity Information Facility (

GUID-1 recommended the use of Life Sciences Identifiers (LSID) in
biodiversity informatics and established two Working Groups to address
outstanding questions (see Answers to
those questions will be reported to a second GUID meeting (GUID-2) to be
hosted by e-Science Institute (eSI) in Edinburgh scheduled for June 10-12


We have reached a significant point by establishing the infrastructure to
support widespread use of LSIDs in biodiversity informatics. We are
seeking anyone who is interested in participating in the two Working
Groups. Please send an expression of interest in leading or contributing
to any of the proposed tasks on the GUID wiki to guids at The
tasks are listed on the following web pages:


If you can lead a task team, please edit the respective wiki page,
adding your name as task coordinator and start to outline the task. If
you want to be involved but not lead a task, contact the task leader if
there is one, or edit the respective wiki page by adding your name to
the task team and adding your contribution in the appropriate space.


The second GUID meeting will be supported by the TDWG Infrastructure
Project funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Attendance at
GUID-2 will be by invitation, based on contributions against the tasks.

GUID-2 will focus on working sessions and attendance will be limited.
Priority for support will be given to workgroup task leaders and others
actively participating on task developments.


17/Mar/2006: Definition of task leaders. Tasks not claimed will be
pruned, reassigned or set aside for later consideration.

24/Mar/2006: Definition of task teams, task outlines, and work plan.

31/Mar/2006: Definition of GUID-2 participants based on task
assignments. GBIF/TDWG will send formal invitations to participants.

Mar/Apr/May/2006: Task development and discussion of outstanding issues,
following work plan.

May/2006: Finalization of prototypes, summary of discussions, draft of
recommendations for each task. Preparation to present summary at GUID-2

June/2006 - GUID-2 Workshop.


For further information, please send messages to guids at, or
contact any of the following-

* Lee Belbin, Australia - Project Manager (lee at
* Donald Hobern, Denmark - Programmer Officer for Data Access and
Database Interoperability (dhobern at
* Ricardo Pereira, Brazil - Software Engineer (ricardo at
* Roger Hyam, United Kingdom - Technical Architect (roger at

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