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Hi Javier,

My intention (which I think I have stated somewhere) is for the outcome 
of this meeting to be the proto-Reference Model document. I envisage it 
evolving into a management document like the ORM but I hadn't thought to 
use the ORM as an example so thanks for pointing that out.


Javier de la Torre wrote:
> Hi,
> While working with OGC standards I sometimes find things that I like 
> and that I find useful for TDWG. One of the most important documents 
> in OGC is the OGC Reference Model (ORM). Maybe you were aware of it 
> already, but just in case:
> "The ORM  provides the overall conceptual framework for building 
> geospatial processing into distributed systems in an incremental and 
> interoperable manner. The ORM is a living document and is updated 
> periodically as OGC memberships continues to advance geoprocessing 
> interoperability"
> or
> "The OGC Reference Model (ORM) provides an architecture framework for 
> the ongoing work of the OGC. Further, the ORM provides a framework for 
> the OGC Technical Baseline. The OGC Technical Baseline consists of the 
> currently approved OpenGIS® Specifications as well as for a number of 
> candidate specifications that are currently in progress. "
> You can find the document at
> http://portal.opengeospatial.org/files?artifact_id=3836
> I think TDWG - TAG should be in charge of maintaining such a document 
> if you find it interesting. I like it very much because, the first 
> time I approached the OGC community, it helped me to understand what 
> was going on, which standards exist, how the interrelate, etc. Let say 
> that it helps you to get the "overall vision".
> I don't mean that we should use the same technology or strategy!! I 
> just like the idea of having a document like this whatever technology 
> we create/use (although I like it very much ;) )
> Javier.
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