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Lee Belbin leebel at netspace.net.au
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Hi Javier

This is an excellent example of what TDWG needs. Thanks for pointing this
one out. I have been thinking about what an overview document would look
like for TDWG and this looks like a good model. Maybe a good task if we get
our 'documenter'. 


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While working with OGC standards I sometimes find things that I like and
that I find useful for TDWG. One of the most important documents in OGC is
the OGC Reference Model (ORM). Maybe you were aware of it already, but just
in case:

"The ORM  provides the overall conceptual framework for building geospatial
processing into distributed systems in an incremental and interoperable
manner. The ORM is a living document and is updated periodically as OGC
memberships continues to advance geoprocessing interoperability"


"The OGC Reference Model (ORM) provides an architecture framework for the
ongoing work of the OGC. Further, the ORM provides a framework for the OGC
Technical Baseline. The OGC Technical Baseline consists of the currently
approved OpenGISR Specifications as well as for a number of candidate
specifications that are currently in progress. "

You can find the document at


I think TDWG - TAG should be in charge of maintaining such a document if you
find it interesting. I like it very much because, the first time I
approached the OGC community, it helped me to understand what was going on,
which standards exist, how the interrelate, etc. Let say that it helps you
to get the "overall vision".

I don't mean that we should use the same technology or strategy!! I just
like the idea of having a document like this whatever technology we
create/use (although I like it very much ;) )


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