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Hi Donald,

So you say that you are going to provide a glosary+faq on all these  
things? I was considering adding this info to the TAPIR Faq page but  
I think it does not fit well there. Maybe it would be better to  
create something on the GBIF wiki and then link from the TAPIR faq page.

I started writing some questions and answers, but most of them I  
think they fit outside the TAPIR one. I think we could start with the  
info provided by Chuck, Dave and Markus. Together with some diagrams  
we could maybe create a good "history", "here is where we are", "this  
is what you can expect", "this is how you can help" page.

Or does this fit better under TDWG?


On 13/01/2006, at 11:46, Donald Hobern wrote:

> Markus,
> I think we should be able to use RDF Schema and OWL to produce data  
> exchange
> formats which look very similar (perhaps identical) to e.g. Darwin  
> Core or
> individual sections of ABCD today, but which will give us a semantic
> framework that is not possible with XML Schema.  Under those  
> circumstances
> TAPIR should remain the preferred protocol for efficient searches  
> for data
> objects via their properties/concepts.  I personally see TAPIR and  
> RDF (or
> at least OWL Lite) fitting very well together.
> Chuck is right that we need to produce a clear glossary/roadmap  
> document
> that explains all of these things properly.  I realise that it must  
> all seem
> very disordered right now.  I really believe though that we've  
> managed to
> find a fairly smooth path to bring the DiGIR and BioCASe protocols  
> together
> and to establish a key piece of the jigsaw that TDWG needs to put  
> together.
> Donald
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> Chuck,
> from the BioCASE side I can add the following:
> -------
> BioCASE is a European project and its also the name of the protocol
> (sometimes written as BioCASe).
> The BioCASE portal (software) is referred to simply as the BioCASE  
> portal.
> The core of the BioCASE provider software (BPS) is called  
> PyWrapper. This
> wrapper understands the BioCASE protocol, but also the Species2000/ 
> protocol. So you can use it to serve data in ABCD, SPICE/Species2000,
> DarwinCore, MCPDH, NaturalCollectionMetadata (NCD) or nearly any  
> other XML
> standard with some limitations (unfortunately used by SDD).
> ------
> TAPIR refers only to the protocol. The primary goal of TAPIR is the
> unification of DiGIR and BioCASE, thus replacing them so that data  
> providers
> and clients can access our data in the same way.
> There is a full TAPIR provider software available based on the  
> PyWrapper
> which is called TAPIR PyWrapper.
> There is no TAPIR portal yet or any other client application for  
> ----
> In many discussions currently RDF is considered a better way to  
> share our
> data. To fully go the RDF way we would have to migrate the TDWG XML  
> schema
> standards to some sort of RDF schema or ontology. There is still a
> performance problem with RDF if used with millions of records  
> (equivalent to
> maybe hundreds of millions of rdf statements). So I dont see RDF  
> being used
> right now in full production, but its surely a promising way to go.
> Personally I am a bit concerned we are about to split the community  
> again -
> this time into TAPIR and RDF; but maybe thats how technological  
> progress is
> made...
> regards,
> Markus
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> Betreff: Re: [tdwg-tapir] FAQ page
> Much of the confusion has come about I guess because DiGIR 2 is  
> actually a
> code name for a project that is building a data service application  
> that
> supports pluggable protocols.  There is no official name for that
> application, and there is no release (yet).
> So to try and help things a little:
> DiGIR 2 is a data server application, not a protocol.  The application
> supports multiple protocols for accessing the data it serves  
> including:
> * DiGIR 1.5 (i.e. the current version of DiGIR)
> * TAPIR (may not be a full implementation)
> * WFS (OGC Web Feature Service)
> * possibly SPARQL (an RDF query language)
> DiGIR 2 data server is being developed because we do not yet feel  
> that there
> is a single unifying protocol for our community, and that new  
> protocols may
> emerge and then different versions of the protocols will be developed.
> Having a single data service application that supports pluggable  
> protocols
> will, we hope, significantly reduce the maintenance and configuration
> overhead of those interested in serving their data, since one the
> application is installed, we expect it to be a relatively trivial  
> matter to
> add protocols or updates to existing protocols.
> We will provide more information about the project as updates become
> available.
> regards,
>    Dave Vieglais
> Javier de la Torre said the following on 1/12/2006 8:23 AM:
>> Dear all,
>> We had today the GBIF ICT Expert Group meeting and a lot of people
>> where making questions about TAPIR.
>> Seems that there is confusion regarding names. People were asking why
>> there is Digir 2 if we are all going to TAPIR and things like that.
>> There were also questions regarding when things are gonna be ready,
>> what can we expect from Digir2 and TAPIR pywrapper and what would be
>> the reasons to migrate, how difficult is going to be to migrate, etc.
>> I was thinking of extending the FAQ page that Renato started in  
>> Madrid
>> to answer all these questions, but I need some help specially from  
>> the
>> Digir2 people.
>> -What is the status of Digir2?
>> -Is it going to be difficult to update from Digir 1 to 2?
>> I will in any case start writing there and maybe you can then modify
>> extend thins related to you.
>> Best regards,
>> Javi.
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