Breakout groups and volunteers to take notes

Kevin Thiele K.Thiele at CBIT.UQ.EDU.AU
Wed Jan 25 08:26:56 CET 2006

How about trying for an "Other" breakout group? - this would make three. Our
interest at the meeting will be in using GUIDs for descriptive characters
and states, so we fit under neither group. But if we had a breakout for that
specific topic, it might be a bit lonely (good for getting agreement within
the group, as Jesse points out).


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    Dear GUID-1 Workshop Participants,

    On the 2nd day of our workshop, we are planning on having two
breakout groups to discuss in parallel the specific needs of different
data domains regarding GUIDs. So far we have two breakout groups planned:

- Taxonomic Names and Concepts, to be convened by Jessie Kennedy (thanks
Jessie for kindly accepting our invitation!), and
- Specimen and Collection Data, to be convened by me.

    So I have some requests regarding the breakout groups:

1) Please choose the group you would like to participate based on your
work and affinity. I will make a headcount (probably via a show of
hands) on the first day of the workshop so we can allocate the
appropriate room for each group.

2) We need volunteers to take notes about our discussions and the
decisions we make during the breakout and the main sessions. We need at
least one volunteer for each breakout session and one or more to take
notes during the main sessions. We need to know who the volunteers will
be before the meeting.

3) If you feel that we should have additional breakout groups to discuss
specific needs of other data domains (ecological, observation, and
genomic data, for example), please let me know as soon as possible, so
we can discuss the possibility and make the appropriate arrangements
(recruit a convener, a secretary, and participants, allocate a room, etc).

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Best regards,


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