[Tdwg-tag] UML limitations for our uses?

Phillip C. Dibner pcd at ecosystem.com
Mon Apr 3 20:47:55 CEST 2006


> Bottom line is:
> You can't express everything in UML or OWL.
Yes.   As I understand it, there are other limitations to UML as  
well, although at this point, I have no detail.  It is ultimately an  
encoding of concepts, serialized or not, so this is not surprising.

> If we want to assure that we can swap between two or more modeling  
> languages then we can't use all the feature of any of them but have  
> to come up with a subset.
> The answer never includes a single TLA. <- apart from this answer!
> My personal feeling is that anything that is defined centrally by  
> TDWG should use the lowest common denominator of features anyhow.

I completely and fully agree.

> As usual I am grateful for you comments/thoughts.
> Roger


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