[Tdwg-tag] HP RDF Analysis - Regarded as Balanced

Perry, Steven M smperry at ku.edu
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This whitepaper comes out of the same group at HP Labs that developed SPARQL, Jena, and ARQ.  Dave Reynolds (first author of this white paper) is the developer of the Jena inference API.

So, does this mean the authors have special expertise with semantic web technologies, that they have a vested interest in RDF/OWL, or both?  I don't know, but as an RDF proponent I thought I'd point it out (full disclosure and all that).

This quote perfectly sums up why we're interested in RDF and why we chose it for use in DiGIR2:

"We conclude that RDF/OWL is particularly suited to modelling applications which
involve distributed information problems such as integration of data from multiple
sources, publication of shared vocabularies to enable interoperability and development of
resilient networks of systems which can cope with changes to the data models."


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Bob (inspired by Damian) asked me to post this for him as he is away 
from his email account just now .

is touted on some blogs as extremely balanced.

Looks good to me to - though not gone through it in detail yet.



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