[tdwg-tapir] serialised tapir filters

"Döring, Markus" m.doering at BGBM.org
Mon Nov 14 11:39:39 CET 2005

Dear all,
in Madrid we were trying to allow all operations also to be alternatively invoked via pure http-get requests. For this we needed to agree on a way to serialise complex filters. We proposed the following syntax:


To test these kind of filters I have created a parser that tranlates them into PyWrapper filter objects:


The new "concept aliasing" is not yet implemented as is the new cocnept binding syntax inspired by RDF: http://ww3.bgbm.org/protocolwiki/ConceptAlias

The simple decoder service is meant to play and test with serialised filters and the operator precedences. Its not heavily tested so dont expect it to be 100% bug free.


PS: to read more about the madrid meeting results take a look at the protocol wiki:
... but be aware that the wiki pages are currently under heavy changes and not all results have been properly documented yet.

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