[tdwg-tapir] Proposal

Renato De Giovanni renato at cria.org.br
Sat Dec 24 21:52:42 CET 2005

Hello Markus,

That change in the "in" operator was only related 
to the TCS API suggested by Roger. Right now 
<values> can only contain literals so TapirLite 
query templates cannot make proper use of it 
(there's no bridge with HTTP parameters). By using 
a sequence of "expression" elements it would be 
possible to do things like:

   <parameter name="sp"/>

Where "sp" could be an HTTP parameter with multiple 


   <parameter name="sp1"/>
   <parameter name="sp2"/>

Or maybe other combination mixing parameters, 
concepts and values - all could be valid. It just 
seems we can easily be more flexible here without 
complicating implementation. But you're right, it 
would also be possible to have a choice between a 
sequence of literals and a single parameter (if 
that's what you have in mind).


> Great Renato,
> we really need to get this done very soon, so I 
support the 5th of January.
> I agree to most of your changes, but want to 
discuss this one a little further:
> * Change multiCOPType (basis of the <in> 
operator) so that <values> can contain a sequence 
of "expression" elements instead of only literals. 
This will allow parameters with multiple values (or 
multiple parameters) to be used by the TCS API.
> ---
> Why do we need this? You can always submit 
multiple values through the same parameter name. Do 
we need to have an IN with multiple parameter 
names? can you give an example?
> Markus

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