TDWG 2010 working meeting outcomes

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at
Sun Oct 3 00:29:24 CEST 2010

The event home page for the 2010 working meeting at TDWG in Woods Hole  
has now been updated with documentation of outcomes:

Thank you to everyone who participated. This was a a short, single-day  
meeting, yet I think it was pretty productive, and led to some clear  
follow-ups and next steps. Thanks also to Arlin for presenting the  
meeting summary to the TDWG audience on Friday morning.

Outcomes from targets #3 (Kate) and #4 (Chris) are based on my notes  
from the wrap-up. Kate and Chris, please feel free to update and/or  
correct. Your wiki accounts should now be approved, let me know if you  
have trouble logging in.

Kate - it'd be great if you could add the source code URL for your  
XSLT code.
Arlin - if you don't mind, could you attach your summary slides to the  

It's too bad we forgot to take a group photo at the event. Maybe it'd  
be better to have a gallery of individual pictures on the page rather  
than the sub-group of people we photographed later (and which is on  
the wiki right now)?

If anyone here who hasn't participated has questions or suggestions on  
what else should be on that event page, please let us know.

On behalf of the others,

	-Hilmar & Nico
: Hilmar Lapp  -:- Durham, NC -:- :

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