[tdwg-content] Reverting the process of DwC standardization

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It's certainly possible, within the context of a Darwin Core Archive, to 
include other files within the ZIP file that lie outside the schema of 
the archive. Both GBIF and iDigBio do this when generating downloads for 
various reasons (RIGHTS & LICENSE files, additional EML metadata, etc). 
However, I do not believe it is possible to do this within IPT. You 
might submit an issue on the IPT issue tracker 
(https://github.com/gbif/ipt/issues) for potential inclusion of this 
feature in a future version of IPT.

There are workarounds you can use to include additional data in Darwin 
Core archives, but none of them will exactly match your old format. For 
instance, including an additional Occurrence file with the values as 
JSON in dynamicProperties or in some other verbatim format in the 
occurrenceRemarks field. Both of those would at least give some method 
of single-row access (vs joining multiple measurementOrFacts to a single 
event id) if that is the primary concern, even if they would require 
additional parsing steps to be useful.

Alex Thompson
iDigBio Infrastructure

On 10/23/2015 09:40 AM, David Valentim Dias wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> Here on SiBBr we're using the new eventCore and measurementOrFacts and 
> after the process of standardization to DwC and publishing we think 
> some users/researchers will want the "original" table format because 
> of multiple reasons.
> Is possible to have a vertabimTable or some place where we can store 
> the original table/column format?
> Regards
> -- 
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