[tdwg-content] Review of TDWG ontologies and DwC namespace policy

Steve Baskauf steve.baskauf at vanderbilt.edu
Wed Mar 13 17:57:19 CET 2013

The Vocabulary Management task group (VoMaG) is soliciting input for a 
report with recommendations for future action on the part of TDWG.  I 
have been co-opted to organize contributions to the report on the topic 
of the status of the TDWG ontologies and a review of the Darwin Core 
namespace policy.  In particular, what (if anything) should be done with 
the TDWG ontologies and should the Darwin Core namespace policy (i.e. 
the mechanism for amending Darwin Core) be adopted in some form as a 
model for all TDWG voabularies?  If you have opinions or suggestions 
that you would like to contribute, you can do so at the VoMaG site. 
The task group entry page is at:
The background summary on the TDWG ontologies and DwC namespace policy 
is at:
which has a link to the page for discussion.  If you find the wiki 
format to be a barrier, you can also email comments directly to me. 

The timeline for moving the report forward has a March 31 deadline for 
contributions, so if you have thoughts on the subject, please assemble 
them by the end of the month.

Steve Baskauf

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