[tdwg-content] Please don't answer these questions.

joel sachs jsachs at csee.umbc.edu
Wed Nov 2 12:13:53 CET 2011

Hi Everyone,

One of the action items out of the kick-off meeting of the new RDF/OWL 
best practices group was a questionnaire with two purposes: i) to assess 
people's expectations and wishes for the group; and ii) to serve as an RDF 
audit, a kind "state of the semantic web in TDWG".

We agreed that we'd iterate once over the questionnaire, so here is draft 
1 (pasted below). Suggestion are welcome - please make them off-list. In a 
couple of days, we'll circulate the real questionnaire, and ask for 


1. What are your expectations for the RDF/OWL Task Group?

2. Is there anything specific you'd like other members of the group to 

3. Are you currently using, or do you have immediate plans to use RDF? If 
yes, can you give a brief description of the data being served, and/or 
provide links (if possible) to some subset of:
 	data dumps,
 	SPARQL endpoints,
 	design documents or project proposals,
 	a bubble diagram (or even just a list) of the classes and
 	properties you are using (with namespaces, of course),
 	a list of classes and properties that you need but that are *not*
 	readily available,
 	anything elses that would shed light on what you're up to?

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