[tdwg-content] ITIS TSNID to uBio NamebankIDs mapping

David Remsen (GBIF) dremsen at gbif.org
Fri May 20 09:44:49 CEST 2011


Have you tried this?

or this?

All this ubio talk makes me think we were on to something.  Worth a thought about adopting the new stnadrds and tools and making it really smooth.


On 20 May 2011, at 04:46, Steve Baskauf wrote:

> I have generated a csv spreadsheet of about 39 000 plant names for the 
> U.S. which has the ITIS TSNIDs for the names in a column.  I would like 
> to have the uBio Namebank IDs in another column of the table.  I have 
> been looking them up on the uBio website by typing in the names as I 
> need to know the IDs, but after doing about 300 of them, I'm getting 
> tired of it.  Does anybody have a clever idea of a way to get the other 
> 38 000 Namebank IDs without looking them up.  I'm sure that it would be 
> possible to find this out because uBio gets names from ITIS.  However, I 
> haven't seen any clues about how to do it in an automated fashion.  I'm 
> guessing that there might be some way to use the uBio web services, but 
> if so, it isn't obvious and I probably don't have the skills to carry it 
> out anyway. 
> Any ideas?
> Steve
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